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Event Overview
Kagurazaka Street Stage / O-edo Tour 2017

Eve: November 11th (Sat) 2017, around 15:00-19:40
Main Festival: November 12th (Sun) 2017, around 11:30-18:00
*Both days will be carried out rain or shine but will be cancelled in the case of a stormy weather. (When it rains, the information such as a place for the performance will be provided at the venue on the event day and also on the website.)

Kagurazaka and its vicinity (Bishamonten Zenkoku-ji Temple, Akagi-jinja Shrine, Tokyo Kagurazaka Association “Kenban”, Kagurazaka Avenue and other smaller streets in the area, the local historic sites and more)

Free (Ozashiki-Asobi, traditional Japanese parlor games at “Kenban” will be subject to fees. Reservations are required.)

Come and experience a variety of traditional performing arts in Kagurazaka!

We are very happy to inform you that we will hold the event “Kagurazaka Street Stage O-edo Tour 2016” again this year. This project aims to introduce a variety of traditional performing arts representing Japan, to many people regardless of generations, in an easy-to-understand and enjoyable way. It also showcases the charms of Kagurazaka, a traditional and cultural town resonant with a mixed atmosphere of Old and Modern Tokyo as well as a sense of sophisticated Paris.
Artists from a new face to a veteran, of a wide variety of field and active on the front lines of traditional performing arts, will get together and show you unique performances, with the support by the local people. Any visitor, who is unfamiliar with traditional performing arts, one in younger generation, or a guest from overseas, will surely enjoy those programs.
In the two-day event, comprising the Eve and Main Festival, various artists with deep connections to Kagurazaka will honor us with their performances. Also the group of folk melodies, which attracted much attention last year, carrying on the legacy of Edo-period (1603-1867) culture and performing arts, will be invited from Toyama Prefecture again this year.
Last year, the third time this event was held, we were fortunate enough to have an attendance of over forty thousand people; this year you too have the opportunity to see how tradition gets mixed with everyday life. Kagurazaka is a place where Japan’s traditional arts still live. Please join us in this two-day celebration.

Charms of Kagurazaka

In the 17th century, Kagurazaka was developed as a residential district for “Samurai” soldiers, along the main street that connected the Edo castle and a noble soldier’s residence. Since then it also has been a district of performing arts with traditional music instruments, where a number of culturati loved and lived. The Karyukai* was born here at the end of the Edo period, and became so flourished in the following decades. Especially in the early Showa period (1925 -mid 1930s), the district had some department stores lined up and was so called “Ginza of Yamanote,” meaning another top commercial district on hillside.
*Karyukai: A society or physical district of Geisha Ladies – who have trained manners and skills of traditional music and dancing, and Ryotei – where Geisha Ladies show traditional performances over Japanese course dinner.
The district was completely destroyed by the air raids in the WW II, but rather quickly restored its prosperity in the 1960s. In recent years, the Karyukai has scaled down, yet we still find the steady sense in the district of Ryotei where stone-paved alleys and black-board walls are laid out, with the sounds of shamisen, a traditional music instrument, flowing over. At the same time Kagurazaka hosts many French residents and restaurants that creates atmosphere of somewhat like in back alleys in Paris, adding another charm. Such diversity, harmony of old and new, attracts many people.


“The night scene” is one of the charm of Kagurazaka. Many elements of its unique culture have developed. Stroll through the stone-paved alleys and black-board walls during this magical time and indulge yourselves in traditional arts at stylish restaurants. We welcome you to discover the charm of Kagurazaka that you can only see at night.

Shop Strolling / Live Performances of Traditional Performing Arts

Mini live performances at restaurants, cafes and live music clubs by traditional performing artists representing Kagurazaka.


When November 11th (Sat), 2017
*No postponement for rain
Places Rito Kitchen 16:00-16:40:
Kanda Riei (“Kodan” storytelling) and Tsuruga Wakasanojo Shamisen Troupe (Tsuruga Isekichi and “Shinnai-Bushi” music and others)
Enkaen 16:00-16:45:
Cyril Coppini (“Rakugo” storytelling) and Hiyama Umekichi (“Zokkyoku” music)
17:00-17:40: Wakajishikai (Japanese percussions)
19:00-19:40: Kasuga Toyotokuhana (“Kouta” music)
Kagurazakamonogatari 19:00-19:40:
Okamura Shintaro (“Jiuta” music and “Sou” Japanese harp)
Admission Free (Separate charge for food and drink)
*Admission tickets will be distributed at each venue one hour before each event starts.

Street Performances in Kagurazaka

Kagurazaka’s back alleys with stone pavements and black-board walls are a must-see. Take these hidden streets and encounter the “Shinnai Nagashi” shamisen (Japanese three-string guitar) troupe led by Tsuruga Wakasanojo, a living national treasure who lives in Kagurazaka, and the musicians performing “Iori Uta” from Johana Hikiyama Festival.

Shinnai Nagashi Performance

Date November 11th (Sat), 2017 around 16:30-17:30 and 18:30-19:30
November 12th (Sun), 2017 around 12:30-13:00, 14:00-14:30 and 15:30-16:00
Places Streets of Kagurazaka (Starting from Jinai Park)
Admission Free
Performers Tsuruga Wakasanojo shamisen troupe (Tsuruga Isekichi and others)

Johana Hikiyama Festival (Iori Uta)

Date November 11th (Sat), 2017 around 15:00-16:00 and 17:30-18:30
November 12th (Sun), 2017 around 12:00-12:40, 13:10-13:50 and 14:20-15:00
Places Streets of Kagurazaka (Starting from Bishamonten Zenkoku-ji Temple)
Admission Free
Performers Houtetsu Kai (Johana folk performing art of Nanto city, Toyama Prefecture)

Main Festival

The storytellers′ theater in the Edo Period is recreated in the precinct of Bishamonten Zenkoku-ji Temple, offering traditional storytelling arts such as “Kodan”. Various live performances can be enjoyed on the main street of Kagurazaka while the secret world of Geisha unfolds itself in “Kenban”. Take a walk back in time by participating in the stamp rally through the local historic sites and complete your day with the special evening show at Akagi-jinja Shrine. This main festival will take you all over the town of Kagurazaka and let you fully appreciate and experience Japanese culture.

Kagurazaka Rakuza – Storytellers′ theater

On the special stage in Bishamonten Zenkoku-ji Temple, traditional storytelling arts will liven up the festival, some performed by young artists and others accompanied by musical instruments such as shamisen and biwa (Japanese lute).


Date November 12th (Sun), 2017 around 11:30-16:30
Places Special stage at Bishamonten Zenkoku-ji Temple
Admission Free
Performers Tamagawa Nanafuku and Sawamura Mifune (“Rokyoku” story recitation accompanied by shamisen)
Tanabe Ginya (“Kodan” storytelling) and Koto (Japanese flute)
Takemoto Kyonosuke and Kazu Tsuruzawa (“Gidayu-bushi” story recitation accompanied by shamisen)
Nagasu Tomoka (“Satsuma Biwa” Japanese lute)
Host Ishii Yokichi (owner of Sukeroku, a long-established footwear / bag / umbrella store in Kagurazaka)

Performing Arts Tour and Street Live Performances in Kagurazaka

Three live spots are set up on the streets of Kagurazaka, where guests of all ages can enjoy performances by groups that create the fusion of classic and modern styles and artists who pass the Edo-Period tradition on to the present.

神楽坂芸能めぐり 街角ライブ

Date November 12th (Sun), 2017, around 12:10-16:30
Places In front of “Shimakin”, Kagurazakaue Intersection,“Park Luxe Kagurazaka”, “Pocket park” patio
Admission Free
Performers Bruce Huebner (“Shakuhachi” Japanese flute) and Miyama McQueen-Tokita (“Koto” Japanese harp)
Kabuchokafuyugekkyo Gagakudan (“Gagaku” Japanese court music)
Seshami Street Boys (Tsugaru Shamisen performance duo)
Maruichi Senoh Troupe (Japanese traditional juggling and lion dance)
Otawa Masaki (“Taiko” Japanese drum), Iwata Takuya (“Shakuhachi” Japanese flute) and Kobayashi Mayuko (“Sou” Japanese harp)
Kotokiki (“Fue” Japanese flute and Tsugaru Shamisen)
Mochizuki Harumi Troupe (Japanese percussions)
Fujiyama Taiju (“Tezuma” sleight of hand)
Kiba Daisuke and others (“Kokyu” Japanese fiddle)

Experiencing Ozashiki Asobi (Traditional Japanese Parlor Games)

This program offers you the opportunity to enjoy songs, shamisen music and dances performed by Kagurazaka Geisha Ladies and also try playing games that Geishas Ladies often play in banquets. English translation is available for non-Japanese-speaking guests.


Date November 12th (Sun), 2017
1st Performance: 13:00-14:00
2nd Performance: 14:30-15:30 *Contents are the same in both performances.
Places Kenban (the administration office and training place for Geisha Ladies)
Admission 2,500 yen per person
-Reservation is required (Up to 40 persons per performance)
-English brochures and consecutive interpretation are available at each performance.
-For tickets, please contact Confetti. http://confetti-web.com/
TEL: 0120-240-540 (toll-free) *Operators are available 10:00-18:00 on weekdays (Japanese).
Ticket sales starts on October 2nd (Mon) at 10:00AM
Performers Kagurazaka Geisha Ladies
Dancers: Chika, Eiko and Fukuko
Musicians: Mayumi (singer), Natsue and Sakurako (shamisen) and Yumie (drums)

Evening Live Music Performances at Akagi-jinja Shrine Kagura Hall

Akagi-jinja Shrine has been a landmark since Edo Period and is famous for a place you can enjoy beautiful sunset. At its modern and beautiful kagura hall, there will be a live musical performance of a genre tinted by elements of classic Japanese music (nagauta etc.). As the event’s finale, artists who performed at other places will also be gathering and will conclude the festival as the guests, staff, and artists become one.

赤城神社 夕暮れライブ

Date November 12th (Sun), 2017, around 17:00-18:00
Places Kaguraden stage in Akagi-jinja Shrine
Admission Free
Performers Maruichi Senoh Troupe (“Edo Dai Kagura” performances)
Bruce Huebner (“Shakuhachi” Japanese flute)
Tobaya Riseki Troupe (“Nagauta” music with shamisen) and Mochizuki Harumi Troupe (Japanese percussions)
Host Cyril Coppini (“Rakugo” storyteller)

Kagurazaka Time Slip (Stamp Rally & Historical Tours)

Visit 7 historical landmarks from the Edo, Meiji and Taisho Periods and collect stamps while learning about the area from Kagurazaka Historians greeting you at 8 locations. In Shirogane Park and Jinai Park, you can enjoy picture-story shows, puppet shows and other nostalgic outdoor performances. While you’re there, take a moment to enjoy Japanese “tsumiki” construction blocks. Collect all 7 stamps and exchange them for commemorative “Tenugui” multi-purpose towels!

神楽坂タイムスリップ スタンプラリー

Date November 12th (Sun), 2017, 11:30-16:00
*Guests can exchange their stamps with prizes until 16:30. Prizes are limited.
Places 7 stamp points throughout Kagurazaka
8 historical guide spots
Shirogane Park, Jinai Park
Admission Free (A map with a stamp sheet will be distributed at each stamp point)
Performers Shibuya Gagekidan (picture-story show)
Kamijo Mitsuru (Edo marionette show)
*English maps and translations are available at each stamp point

Let’s collect 7 stamps to get the original goods of this event at the exchange place. Maps in English are available at “Information Desk” in Bishamonten and stamp point places.

*Programs are subject to change or cancellation depending on circumstances. Alternative venues for a rainy weather and other information will be announced on the official website and at the festival venues.

Kagurazaka Street Stage / O-edo Tour 2017 Office (inside Koten Kukan Office)
Tel: 03-5478-8265 (Japanese Only) (10:00-18:00 on Weekdays)
E-mail: contact@kaguramachi.jp (English available)
Official website: http://kaguramachi.jp/en

Organized by Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture) , NPO Ikimachi Club
Supported by and in cooperation with Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Supported by Shinjuku-ku and Shinjuku Convention & Visitors Bureau
Cooperated by Tokyo Kagurazaka Association, Bishamonten Zenkoku-ji Temple, Akagi-jinja Shrine, Ikimachi Co., Kagurazaka Street Association, Kagurazaka Merchants Union, Edo Tokyo Guide Group, Kosho-ji Temple, Enfuku-ji Temple, Wakamiya-Cho Self-Government Association, Hosei University, Onishi Research Group, School of Managements of Tokyo University of Science, KPMG AZSA LLC, Dai-Ichi Kangyo Credit Cooperative (Kagurazaka Branch), Japan Publishers Club, Starbucks Coffee (Kagurazaka-shita branch), and Chikaken Co.,Ltd.
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